What if you took the time
To clear your mind
Of everything you were ever told, because someone else told it.
Everything you ever learned, because someone else taught it.
Everything you ever heard, because someone else spoke it.
Every reaction you ever had, because someone else evoked it.
Everything you ever sought, because someone else owned it.
What if all that was left was the voice inside your soul?
The one that only you can hear in the stone silence of your mind.
Would you trust that voice to speak the truth?
What would you learn?
And just as important, what would you discard?
What would you keep, and what would you throw away
With the noise and the clamor and the refuse and the debris
Of ten thousand years?
What if your genesis was a virgin slate
Wiped clean of every speck of learned beliefs,
Of pseudo facts?
What if you were stripped down
To your absolute naked consciousness
With not whisper, not a murmur, not a breath or sigh
Of outside noise.
There's Oneness in the voice, and it is Holy.
Are you listening?

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