By Vandita   

Thirteen years I've lived here,
Thirteen years I've grown,
Made unforgettable memories,
A childhood of solid gold.

I rode my first bicycle here,
And bruised my knees too,
I've spent countless festivals here,
Filled with prasaad and ladoo.

I discovered Harry Potter,
On the ends of the staircase of this very house,
I also discovered what I like,
Between these four walls.

I played dress up right here,
And learnt to braid my hair,
I slogged doing homework,
Just before the reopening day.

I cried into this bed,
When a boy broke my heart,
I had my first kiss here an year later,
With who I thought would be the one.

I stayed up all night,
Watching movies when my parents were out of town,
I ate hot dosaas made in this kitchen,
Cribbing about the chatni I didn't want.

I lost both my grandparents here,
God, I loved them so much,
I don't know how to let it all go,
And see this place be taken down.

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