By Daiah   

For days I have waited, for years I have stayed here...looking forward to the moment that I would leave and have new experiences.
Now I have decided to close my eyes and imagine what worlds exist outside my own...
Would the blue-ness of the sky be deeper than the one I have known?
Will the wind that blows by rustle strange but beautiful leaves?
Will the ground be filled with rocks or grass, will I look ahead and see hills all around?
If I ventured to a town near by would I find streams or even a waterfall whose waters plunge to great depths below.
Will the sunset have hues unlike those on portraits, will the moon show a rabbit when its full or some other image?
In the silence of the night will I hear tides push and pull in the distance and witness a meteor shower if I stayed up late enough?
Will the coming of winter carpet the fields with snow while preparing for spring when everything will have a chance to grow.
Will the places outside my reach be my long awaited home? And if so I really need to go.

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