To whom it may concern, I am finally coming home.
You see, I have searched the deepest chambers of my locked heart,
Traveled around this perpetual sphere of perplexity you call life.
I battled tempests of judgment on top a raft of expectations
Just to be thrown into the murky waters of those who
Know how much my soul is tormented by guilt
That strangles me with my own cord and imprisons me
In the barren wasteland that is my tarnished soul, where
Time is a haze of memories desired to be forgotten, where
There are shadows that lurk behind my every decision.
Will this suffocation from my own disappointment ever cease?
Be gone from my mind, I am not strong enough to overcome!
Peace seemed like a distant twinkling
In the constellation of my darkened soul, but as hope almost drowned,
The golden door in the sea of darkness opened wide and I saw them,
Arms open wide, smiles, a beauty ineffable, with promises
Of love that could never be stained or corrupted by
Those truly regretted choices of my past.
They whispered,
"You must first love yourself, build your strength from those who you
Love, your home is with them."
I am home.

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