Home alone with hope


Trapped within my home
To avoid a plague with the price of being alone
Outside if I ever go then I'll put on a mask
Something nobody need to ask
Through the world have been crazy
Thing will get better maybe
Even if I was at home
Can't deny I have grown
Not in body but rather in mind
Understanding who I like to be one day I won't lie
Most of these months I play games
Something that alway make my day
For once this lock down end
Joy I be filled as I got see some of my friends
Maybe this can be seen as more then mean the eye
As I smile looking to the sky
In my heart the future is bright
Once this is over I'll step into the light
Still I feel this still could of been avoidable
Wishing our health was treated as more affordable
While an plague affects this land
Only united we can stand
Hope fill me like the sun fill the sky with light
Denying the odds as we win this fight
After all even through we may be trapped at home
Never lose hope for we are never truly alone

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