Home of Knowledge

Knowledge is everything and nothing at the same time.
Knowledge is home for me.
My friend Logic is over far too often.
And his friend Thoughts tends to linger.
And who knows if they are mine, But somewhere down the line we are connected.
My friend Creativity keeps saying she doesn't has time to visit.
But my friend the Universe tells me she has no limits.
And Freedom needs to come home, back to Mind.
Because Peace is so hard to find without her.
I stop looking for Peace,
Because her man Society has her on a tight leash.
And sometimes her worst enemy, Boxes, consume her availability.
Then there's my mind's friend, his name is Divinity,
Who is always in his room doubting his capability.
It is probably because his friend Soul told him this.
That he knows nothing, but knows everything.
He told him he is nothing, but is everything.
That nothing comes from outside and everything comes from within.
Don't forget everything on the outside is still connected within.
That's when my friend Memory was like man!
That's a lot to remember.
I believe this is when I kicked out Confusion, and Clarity settled in.
That's when Genius and Insanity became best friends.
In my home of knowledge.

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