Home Run


He picks up the bat, dragging it behind him
As he heads for home plate and takes his stance,
Planting his feet firmly on the ground.
He raises the bat in the air, above his right shoulder.
He scrutinizes the pitcher waiting for the first pitch
Here it comes, flying toward him and SWISH
He misses the ball---strike one.

More determined than before,
He takes his stance, adjusts his hat
And SWISH he misses again – strike two
He steps back from the plate
Takes off his hat, scratches his head.
Determination written on his face
He watches as the ball comes at him
Swings the bat and CRACK
The ball flies over center field

Every child on the field scrambles
To stop the home run ball but to no avail
With triumph on his face, the batter runs toward home
Sliding to home plate,
He picks himself up, dusts himself off
And walks toward the dugout, thinking to himself
“And they thought I couldn’t do it”
Still smiling, he waves his hat,
Puts it back on and sits down.

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