Everlasting stone unmoved
Unabated cornerstone:
I turn to you again, again
I wander, climb, but not alone.
Eternal fixed, you are the ground.
I rise, I grow, I age, rejoice
But falter, frightened, lost again
You catch me there, return my voice.
The darkest hours churn by slow
The fleeting joys sweep quickly by.
The aftermath of both resetting:
Shaken, tell me, who am I?

Each suicide a hollowed memory,
A phantom limb of years long passed.
Untangle, please, these knots inside me.
I turn to you again, aghast.
And every time, you are unmoved.
Solid. Lithic. Stoic. Real.
Arriving broken, leave repowered,
Hold me, free me, my appeal.
As birds traverse the hemisphere,
To my temple, to my den,
I pilgrim barefoot, hungry, weary:
I’m coming home, again, again.

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