People are sitting on the streets with no food.
Most of the homeless on the streets put me in my mood.
Murdering for stupid stuff... is so cruel.
Want to battle against the enemies and have a duel.
The United States killers make us look like fools.
They want to judge me because they are in,their stupid-fits.
Most of the time in school if you stand in their way they say.
"Watch out or you'll get hit."
Why do people have to be so rude on this earth.
Will i do any good to stand up and do what is worth.
The homeless have to get up and do what's right.
If you meet one someday they might just be polite.
Maybe if you gave them some food and it was a little bit.
They could have the chance to say."Alright."
Being mean to them isn't so bad.
When you see one tonight it might make you mad.
People in foster care could be calling, "Dad."
This is sad,don't feel glad.
Some wish that the life they were living wish they never had.
Be a nice person,be one without a doubt.
If you hurt one one day one might too end up in a drought.
We don't know our future yet not ever some of you might not care.
Some signs from the homeless can be said,"Beware."
"We don't want no trouble,we just want a sec."
"We have sit on the ground with trash and rubble."
There are stories that are told of ropes
being wrapped around their necks.
If i had plenty of money i would write a check.

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