How does it feel to live in a story that's fiction?
To paint without color?
Because that's the only way they will listen,
To see,
The vision only lies in the eye of the beholder.
Dinner at the dinner table brings everyone closer,
On a bad day, but on a sunny day,
There's light that brings happiness to the storm.
She tip toes across the muddy ground,
In those white shoes that were previously worn,
How about a moment of silence,
For those that didn't make it out of the storm,
Standing on the side of the street,
Asking for some change to help them re-conform,
To the life that you're living,
People forget to make good choices,
With the beautiful brain they were given,
The heart that beats inside them,
Is the same heart that's in you,
Extend your hand, give, and help someone feel new.

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