Homeless in Lake Elsinore

As I walk around
and look to the ground
I see people sleeping everywhere
So, I give a dollar to two
With a tear in my eye
I, fortunate enough to have a job
but the worst luck with having a permanent place
to call my own
I literally am a starving screenwriter and poet
And wouldn't you know it
Now I have become one of them
lying in the wet sand
As they take me in and are kind
Relaxing my mind
And giving me some of their food
I have experienced life not so good
And become Humbled
To live with them which is nowhere?
So I give them books
From the library where I work
And where they stay all day
To be safe and read, watch movies, and rest
From this God's, Jesus test
I help all when I can
for I have no man
That is why all I do to express my Love
My husband is writing..

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