Home/School Bully

So young going to school every day
I would hear you laugh and call me names
It was torture but I'd smile, too
Dying inside, the hell I was put through
Being hit and kicked while I was down
It was great, being me the class clown
Teasing, pointing behind my back
Wanting to fit in, just not like that
No reason at all, pushing me around
You were a bully, sometimes in a crowd
Trying to hide the tears as they would fall
I felt I was wrong, wanting to end it all
The torture you created was very cruel
All you saw was me, the fire and fuel
A weak human to you, with little to give
Wasted space with no reason to live
Nightmares at school beatings at home
All I wanted was to be left alone
The days got long the days got worse
I never knew if my life was a blessing or a curse
Judged me, tricked me, ridiculed my name
Nothing but a pawn in your sick school bully games
To this day the scars you left still remain
Sometimes I feel I'm no good, still the same
I survived you, some don't, so be ashamed
Being bullied is not some victimless game

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This Poems Story

"Home/School Bully" is about my life inspired by true events. I was bullied in school, and I was abused and bullied by my stepfather. My hope for this poem is to let others know they are not alone, and in time things do get better. Stay strong, don't give up, be the best version of yourself, and stay true to who you are.