Who lived here who felled these trees with sweated
Who cleared the land and milked the cows?
Who plowed behind the oxen team,
Who fished the nearby mountain streams.
Who hauled and cut the stones to build this barn,
Then stayed, and labored yearly on this farm?
Who split the wood, then stacked it neat,
Who shot the deer, and cured the meat?
Who braved the snow to always find that perfect
Christmas tree.
Who fenced the yard, built the crib,
Then bounced each baby on his knee.
Who recorded names and ages on the doorway in the
And kept his family safe?
Who did the dishes here who hung the curtains she
had stitched
Who swept the floors, and batter mixed,
Who lit the lamps, and turned the beds down?
Who soothed the fear, then listened well, and
Watched the rain fall through the kitchen window?
Who waved goodbye, and bid hello,
Who kept the embers even glow.
Who laughed out loud, and knelt in prayer then later. . .
Crept up the stair to run her fingers through their hair.
Who kept a plate atop the stove, till after dark when
he came home.
Then threw her arms around his neck, not letting on
she was a wreck.

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