Honey (The Distance)

Prairie land, mountain water
Blue expanse choppy and ragged
I crash into the waves, exhausted and floating
You’re so tiny in the sand
I am swallowed, choking, laughing
Honey, come swimming

Tasting raspberries from trees
Sipping liquor from wine
Tiny bumps spreading, fluttering lights, gentle humming
Grass is burning, brown and crisp
Tiny, sharp blades poking our legs
Night’s coolness has come
Honey, you’re so warm

Blankets tossed to the side
Distortion and speed is what we hear
Small tastes of cherries, rotting fruit
Touch me, don’t touch me, I’m sorry
Quick breathing, salty cheeks
Hold you close, it’s okay
Honey, I’m not right but you’re just fine

Sun burns so bright, blinding, tiring
Berries bursting for breakfast
Sweetness after the sour
Black bitterness burns my tongue
Dancing haphazardly in the window’s light
Shining right through, I crash into you
Honey, I’m so tired

Ontario prairies
Scrub, yellow
Rough bark grazing our backs
Expressions of intention, hurried goodbye
I’ll be home when the grass is green
Honey, I’ll be there

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