Honey Bees

You looked around the room, met my eyes
and towards me you began to walk,
as I tried to think of something to say
an attempt of small talk. You sat down,
looking at the floor, starting to rhythmically tap your shoe,
"What do you want to be when you've grown,"
I looked up and asked you. "A question with many possibilities,"
you say, bringing your hand to your chin,
Opening your mind as I opened the curtains
letting the sunshine in.Wind blowing into the room
what once shook the leaves of trees,
As many ideas swarmed your mind like a family of honey bees.
You began to speak of your goals and dreams,
your eyes glistening like a light.
You told me you'd do anything to get there
it's all you've wanted your whole life.
Your hands moving frantically, as you do when you're inspired,
And I knew you'd do anything to get there, in your heart,
an immortal fire.But as you looked back at me
and you asked me just the same,asked me how I'd make my mark,
etch the world with my name,But, my dear, you've saved me,
and you helped me when I was blue,
So though you want many things from life,
I just want to be with you.

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