Honeymoon In Tahiti

I never expected to be greeted with
Swarkovski crystals and warm silken baths
drawn for royalty.
When did wealth become me?
Pinch me if I'm dreaming.
Leisurely stretching, rolling over in my
sultry, silk sheets I see the gecko drinking in my secrets.
Is he going to report them to hotel staff?
Shhh, I whisper to him, but he scurries before
I bring down my finger.
Wrapping the sheet around my post virginal body,
the velvet red hibiscus curtains open, bowing to my presence.
I make my way through the sand's masseur.
Lazily dropping my wrap, I gracefully glide into my
sensual, sea salt scented bath.
Lying back the wind whispers
rich island secrets to which only I am privy;
wild grown, white Monoi flowers
symbolically perfume the air with sweet,
sexual desire.
Rolling, lapping waves replay like the record
that's programmed to repeat while the
symphony of tree frogs
serenades this island of lovers.
Relaxed. Serene. Magnificent.

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