The other day, I went to a football game.
I waited for the start in the pouring rain.
I stood up as they played the National Anthem,
took my hat off, and listened in solemn attention.

Some boys just sat there snickering at me,
for I was proudly singing with all my sincerity.
Soon it was over and I sat down in my wet seat.
Normally, I'd a frown, but the rain cooled my heat.

I turned to those boys and with a sad look said,

"There's something I need to share with you."
"I don't agree with a lot of what you do,
and I'm sure you don't agree with me too."
"but I'm telling you this because it's true"

"I fought to give you the right of what you are."
"I reckon respect from you is a distant star."
"That flag and song are the reminder we have,
"of all that gave us the freedoms which, you now jab."

"In this land of the free, we are one light of Liberty."

"We all have different values and different goals".
"We all have different faiths and different souls!"
"We are all part of this Nation's total free sum."
"But we all need to Honor those who gave us freedom!"

"You better give thanks to your Creator tonight,
that you live in a land, that protects your rights!"
I turned back to watch the football game again.
The people where facing me standing in refrain.

Then came the cheering and clapping hands.
The boys went walking away, out of the stands.
I pray each day, for all to truly understand,
We are all truly one Nation of Freedom in this land!

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    This Poems Story

    True story of many years ago.