Honoring the Names of Tomorrow

To find a person my age who truly inspires is rare,
so thank you to the creative souls who transpire
and somehow remain the tranquility of our generation.
Complete familiarity of the bodies that host these souls
will be the closest to understanding them we will know,
as the conception of rawness they offer is too real
for any of us to be as so. The names we teach in schools
will eventually become the names of the adolescents
who live today. So be proud and welcome these possibilities.

Seventeen this soul may only be, but ageless the words
he speaks. For he himself may not be remembered,
the documentation of his speech will be our future's teachings.
Each idea that is spread with the use of his writings
influences not only the living of today, but also, tomorrow.
Simply, all I can hope for is that I myself may be as lucky,
to one day progress to the point of historic memory.
Growing up only happens once, but changing is forever, so
what is recalled of today's youth will not be more than what’s made of it.

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