Honoring You On This MemorialDay

Honoring You On This Memorial Day by Laura Delacroix
What can I say on this Memorial Day
To just say thank you for what you have done for me
so I can be safe,happy and free
You really did this all for me..
The mothers that stare out into the sky
they never had the chance to say good-bye
The wives who carry on each day,they look at their children and can only pray
please God in heaven let me hold him just one more day..
This will never happen...for you see- he has paid the ultimate price for me..
The Mothers and Fathers that answer that door
they know in an instant you are no more...never ever again to walk through their door
The children that weep into the night..why why
Why my mommy or daddy they will cry
I dont want to say good-bye
Mommy or Daddy sweep you into their arm
they did this to keep the world from harm
I couldnt bare to look into that sad face
If I could wrap you in my arms with a big embrace
I sit here and look at my grandson with tears in my eyes
In his innocence he asks me why I cry
I say I cant believe what a stranger did for me..
he gave his life so I can be free
He asks who did grammy ...what was his name
now this will be so hard to explain
I have no face its blank to me these honorable men and woman who died so I can be free
I look at his smile as I begin to cry..why did so many have to die
I have to try and be boulder and explain to him it was an American Soldier
Thank you is just not enough, I really am not good at this stuff
I have to explain to my grandson you see how a stranger gave his life for me
No thank you is just not enough
I say it for now..it is just a start
It comes from deep down within my heart
What you did for me I honor you today...on this Glorious Memorial day

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