Hoof Prints

Standing at the rail,
watching as you leave the gate,
noticing the hoof prints
that you have left in your wake.
These are your imprints
that have helped you to transcend
First from your mother's side,
to a yearling about to begin.
Through the years these hoof prints,
would make you the champ you are
pounding through dirt and passing horses,
they have carried you so far.
But with each hoof print you make,
life gets a little farther behind,
then one day your in your field,
enjoying the sunset of your time.
Caring friends come to visit
bringing you peppermints and more,
we see those hoof prints in the field,
that have brought you us to adore.
We always think they will be there,
the hoof prints that gave you your start,
until the day you went to sleep,
and now we keep them in our heart.

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