Hope proposed me,
I said yes.
He made me meet his friends,
Confidence and courage.
Confidence didn't like me,
courage said, be friends with me and
you'll win confidence's heart too.
I started hanging out with courage,
confidence became my friend too
and soon we were a trio, ready to discover the world and win people's heart too.

I met hope's mother, patience.
She told me how much she believes in time because she has given birth to hope by keeping unbreakable faith in her soul.
She said, give yourself some time and soon you'll be fine little girl and hope will always love you as he is my son I have blessed with priceless loyalty.

I met hope's father, believe.
He said, Girl you need to have faith in everything you do. Sow some seed of self-faith and it will grow in you.

I met kindness, hope's sister.
She said, you're so unnourished.
Let me make you meet with my friend, care.
She'll teach how this world is.
She started telling me about their friendship which is so strong and I felt like I needed a relation like this, that will last long.

I met hope's best friend, Gratitude.
He said, Girl, I don't like you, why do you complain a lot?
I said, "Sorry Gratitude, I haven't met someone like you in my life so far."

Hope asked me, Did you liked my family?
I said, "They are new to me and newness has always been slyly."

Hope said, Maybe that's a fake belief you have build up in your mind. Come hold my hand, my girl and I'll show you how love destroys fear in a fraction of time.

Hope's family and friends accepted me by loving me at first hand and for the first time I wasn't fearful as hope was holding my hand.

I was still unsatisfied trying to discover who I really am.
Keeping this thought aside, one day I asked hope, "Why do you love me so much?"
and he replied,Does love need to be loved?

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