A mother sits, stares down the clock,
She tries to stand, can’t seem to walk,
She jumps at the sound of opening doors,
The doctors- they don’t know much more.
She feels the tears roll down her face,
So desperate she can hardly wait,
She breaks down and starts to heave,
They tell her that it’s best to leave.

A girl lies crying all alone,
She looks down in the toilet bowl.
She looks inside her broken eyes,
The water ripples as she cries.
She turns standing in the mirror,
She screams but no one else can hear her,
She sticks her fingers down her throat,
And waves goodbye to any hope.

A wife leans on a broken window,
Waiting for that phone call home,
One that crushes any life,
And breaks the heart of any wife.
She loves the man she used to know,
And knows that it’s his job to go,
And serve for what she knows is right,
But the job’s what keeps her up at night.

Hope frees, hope sees, hope's always there,
She'll give you grace when life's not fair,
She'll take you in or leave you free to roam.
Hope lies, hope tries, she'll take your pain,
Or leave you there out in the rain,
But I know she'll always lead you home

Jump to his room, he’s fading now,
His mind keeps flashing in and out,
He shakes awake; the fear sets in,
Doesn’t know how or where’s he been,
He turns his head- an empty seat,
He sees Mom lying at his feet,
She starts to turn and her eyes open,
And they say all that’s left unspoken.

She hears the sound of breaking locks,
Her parents come without a knock,
They see what’s come of hopes and dreams,
That life’s not always what it seems.
She’ll learn to know that beauty fades,
But what’s within will always stay.
And then someday she'll finally be,
The girl she'd always meant to be.

She wakes up dreaming in her bed,
The painful thoughts- they fill her head.
She cries a simple, quiet noise,
She turns and then she hears his voice.
She sees him standing in the door,
The pain won’t plague her anymore.
She runs to him, he pulls her in,
And she’ll never let him leave again.

Hope slays, hope saves, hope's strugglin'
Don't let her leave, invite her in,
She'll take your life and flip it upside down.
Hope gives, hope takes, hope's in us all,
She picks you up after you fall,
She'll help you know the lost can all be found.

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