Yesterday I saw myself walking aimlessly through the mist
Of Prickly thorns and dry bushes A field of black roses
Far and wide as the eye could see
There was no difference but a tree
With fragile branches some broken and some bare
It stood alone in the middle of nowhere

Surrounded by darkness it continued to
but how did it keep standing with no water or light
Then it caught my eye a wonderful surprise
one single rose that stood at its side
So plump and full a vibrant red
that poured forth light in the tree trunks shadowy bed
It's leafs was stretch they was covered in dew that created a tiny stream that flowed when the wind blew
Is this the key I stood and ponder
This must be the secret my mind wonder
The secret of life can be something so small
It could be a beam of light a breeze in the fall
For what makes us happy matter the most
For even the tinniest things contains a world of hope

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