Hope is a shy but gentle creature;
She stays hidden away in the shadows,
As she constantly gets lost.

Darkness claws at her as she struggles to make her way
Through the crowd of confusion and depression that screams,
"You should go to Hell sir."

She constantly pushes past the bushes of thorns
Ignoring the pain,
And although she is tossed and spit on,

Hope knows she will one day make her way through.
She knows that once she has made it through,
She will laugh and make fun of the Darkness
That would constantly taunt and harass her,
For Hope knows that one day she will prevail.

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This Poems Story

I am a fourteen-year-old girl who has a very long and complicated story. I wrote this poem when I was in the hospital for suicide attempts. "Hope" uses personification to describe hope being bullied and beaten down with despair and depression. While one is feeling sad or in a seemingly impossible situation, it is easy to lose hope and drown in the situation. I wrote this poem when I realized that I had the strength, courage, and hope to overcome.