It's funny how both love and your name have four letters
As if the very definition of love is you
That although four letters will never show what love truly is
Somehow, your name is more than enough to show me just how lovely
Love can be

My mother told me if I ever found the one
I should stalk her on Facebook
And write a poem to her
Starting with a metaphor of the letters in her name and love.
None of that's true.
Except the part where I found you

You see, loving you is like trying to touch the sky

If I look down
I'll be scared of falling down to the things that just
Aren't as precious as you

And if I look up
I'll see something so sublime that I want desperately
But might never reach

I don't mind falling more than once for you

Cause to me, love only has four letters
And it spells out your name
Just four letters
Show me exactly what love truly is

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