Deep and dark the forest lingers
Terrain is rough yet the wind is solitary
Can't seem to grasp hold onto a single sentiment
Longing for a sound that will deafen my thoughts.

Wandering through the midnight brush
Not even lit by glorious stars
Stumbling aimlessly for any chance of rest
Frightened by my own mentation and shadows.

Upon a simple glance I see
An unplanned glimpse of hope
Partially unclouding the insurmountable fog
Which has held me by the throat.

Able to breathe, whether ever so slightly
Determined to speak just to seize life
Anxiously hiding the demise of my mind
Grabbing hold of this hope with all my might.

The deathly murk which clasps my soul
Now paused by a gentle remarkable scene
A bench on a cliff overlooking a lake
With a cushion so soft catching shards of my heart.

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