I hope he treats her right
I hope that he knows what to do at night
I hope he's all that she will ever need
I hope that he will never make her heart bleed
I hope he never wants to start a fight
I hope that he holds on to her tight
I hope that he really does love T
I hope that he really does love her more than me
Because she's more than what she seems
She's the beauty of every man's dreams
And she doesn't deserve to have her heart shattered
To feel like nothing as if her life never mattered
No she deserves to be filled with joy
Not to feel like a used toy
I love her I really do, with all my heart
But I also know that we have grown apart
So if he truly can be the joy in her life
Even if it cuts me deep down like a knife
I know I myself must walk away
For it is him who is needed to stay
All i can do is hope, that is all i can do
Truly hope that he truly does love you

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