Hope and Defeat

There will come a time in your life
That you have to make a decision
And the answer won't be clear
You will ask yourself, "What should I do?"
And you won't know what to say to yourself
You will ask your mother for advice
But she won't hear you
She won't understand this time
You will check the search engines
And the self help sections
And the libraries will not have the answer
And only then will you understand
That there is no answer
But it is in our nature to harbor hope
Even when it isn't logical
Even when you tell yourself, "There is no answer."
You might look up at the sky
Or hang your head low
And not know what to say
But you will feel your thoughts like a puzzle
And you will start to look for the corner pieces
And you might drop everything for a little while
Because puzzles can be difficult
But you will focus your strength and your energy
And your hope
And try put the pieces together
And only then will you understand...

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