Hope for a New Day

They gave you the power
They gave you the words of hate
They gave you our infrastructure to use against us
But we do not care

We do not care because we still stood together as one
We stood tall with our heads up
Praying for you not to be punished
We prayed because we do not hate
We do not hate because we love

The love in our eyes overpowered your hate
At the end of the day you still may try to destroy me or corupt me
But I will overrule your hate and corrupt your evilness with hope
Your eyes are full of hate and wishing for genocide
Mine are filled with love and a better day for all of us
One day you will beg for forgiveness but it's too late
Our God tried to save you but the devil won you over

With me, God knew I still had hope
But you, you are corrupted with evil and cannot be saved now
But I will still pray
I will still love
And I will always hope for a new day

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