Hope For Better Days

Only thing that keeps me going is hope for better days
Only reason I keep smiling is to cover up the pain
Because in all honesty Ive been down for a while now
And I don't know how this happened
Or when it started
All I know is lately it feels like my soul has left me
and my hearts been parted,
Broken, into pieces.
No it's not love or a heartbreak that I'm speaking of
It's more like death, like my inner self has died
People say I've changed and maybe its true,
but they understand what I'm going through
All the nights I've cried, all the times I've tried
I know I said I was okay, but i lied
This mask that I wear, it's not to just fool you
I wear it to fool myself to.
And yes i pray, everyday,
but it feels as though God has strayed away,
or maybe I'm the one who has strayed
I'm not perfect, but I'm also not a bad person
Maybe ill find some courage to have a little more faith
and hopefully this time it will stay , but until then..
Ill just wear this mask and hope for better days

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