Hope in My Pocket

Hope in my pocket
I like to keep hope in my pocket
Carrying it around just in case
I may feel like I am falling down
Only to remain on the cold hard ground
My heart beat getting heavier at every pound
Silence can be an awful sound
The lack of support can sometimes astound
You think back to the times when you wanted to be left alone
But now you can't imagine not picking up the phone
You are as cold as stone
Remembering when you were happiness prone
Thinking back to the last time your happiness shone
Through every pore in your face
You begin to wonder if this was a bit of twisted fate
To help you with future hardships that you may begin to face
People can leave without a trace
For no particular reason
Just because they didn't want to deal with
Your problems
They have too many of their own
This is when you have to dig deep
Reach deep down in your pocket
And reach for that pile of hope
Something that will never abandon you
Something that will always remain true

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