Hope Is Key

A letter from a stage 4 cancer patient, hours before death.
I imagine a perfect instance, frozen in time
Where the angels will have draped my lashes
with lace. Peaceful, silent; the setting is ideal.
The only sound breaking the barrier is the
numbing cries that I thought would never enclose
my soul, yet here they are; uninvited, unappreciated.
Sadness is a sin. Do not dwell on the ending, but on the new
beginnings. Doors will open, windows will shatter.
Emerging storms will attempt to destroy my mind,
almost Armageddon. But The spirits of the strongest
souls will arrive and go to war with the storms, and
leave the battlegrounds nothing but rubble and remnants
of a past life. The ocean will drain into my soul, it will
conquer my barely living body & create my supernatural
self. The angels draping lace on lashes will welcome me into
their colony of afterlife. Knowing I am One of them, I smile
to myself. Just what seems like a second ago, they were
visiting me..I do not fear death. I Fear for the future after us.
However I will Continue the tradition, the cycle, & I am not
afraid to Drape lace on their lashes, as they have done for
eternities. I just hope the future angels will continue what
they have done, what I am doing, and what they're about to do.
Hope will help us survive, for a few hours at least.
That's all I need. And my work will be done.

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