Hope Less

Magic isn't real
I've learned that's true
From the girl bleeding blue, unadulterated by oxygen.
She told me I couldn't use the ancient art
And I told her I didn't care, it doesn't matter
Because I could not conjure the hope
That my unspilled blood would save me.

I blew a hole threw her heart making her hollow
Like my magic made of the highest, falsified sciences.
Life pooled on the floor and-

I splattered dreams on the walls
And turned the hollow wand on myself.
I flicked my wrist and nothing happened
Because I couldn't hope hard enough to die.
If the hope-full haven't enough
Then we're all desperately doomed to be less than we hoped
And we all know the doomed are the enemy.

So say goodbye again...and again
Because you've got three chances to live and die
And I can assure you
The last breath you take won't be heroic or just
Because a life taken by a coward means nothing.

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