Hope of Time

So this is what it’s like
to be cut off from your only friend,
with your head spinning in a daze
of confusion, hoping your parents
are the one spouting lies.

So this is what it’s like
to have the pavement crumble
beneath your feet.,
your face bashed against a brick wall,
and a river form from red veined eyes,
hoping to erase any memories
good and bad.

To watch the golden sun quickly
suffocate under a blanket of storm clouds,
the streets coated in a dense fog.
Even if you try to break through the despair
you’re blinded by your thoughts.

It is now one claims there is comfort
in time, the way life moves forward,
and soon, the past will be a blur.

Even when snow sinks to the ground,
and ice freezes on the once emerald
grass, strangling the blades
until they turn to a dead straw;
the spring resurrects the barren trees,
sweet scented Daisies, Lilacs, and Daffodils
pop up out of the once dead ground,

The lawn mower roars, as it chops off
the old tops of every blade of grass
leaving only hope for new growth.

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