Hope That Sorrow Can’t Erase

A heart that feels so heavy, yet eyes that give no tears;
A mind aglow with scattered thoughts, uncertainty, and fears;
Am I alone? I feel alone! Is no one by my side?
Who can help me bear this pain? in whom can I confide?
"He walks with me and talks with me, and tells me I'm His own!"
A song I sang with ease until the pain struck closer home.
And now my faith is up to bat, but where's my strength to swing?
Where's the strength to call to mind the songs I used to sing?
The scriptures that I read to others in their time of pain,
I know should be my harbor in this surging wind and rain!
Is it a crime to look above and ask the question, 'Why?'
Is it a crime to speak, of late, in sobbing and in sighs?
Hope is gone? Can hope be gone? Can hope be ere erased?
O no! I feel a gentle breeze across this barren place!
My Lord is rightly situated on His throne above!
He's sovereign in His actions! He's perfect in His love!
And though I do not understand the why's of all He does,
He never makes mistakes, and He owes me no 'Because.'
The pain is real. The hurt is real. It's written on my face.
But every bit as real is My Lord's mercy and His grace!
The days ahead are difficult. He told us they would be.
But right along, He gave His Word He'd always be with Me!
He is the God of comfort! He is the God of grace!
And with this promise comes the hope that sorrow can't erase!

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