Dear soulful empty shining abyss high above covering the sky of pure
insults captivating the empty heartless body that you consume.
How your silence keeps me up past midnight with all of your hope and
glory pouring over the sore over-used, man-made, crumbling-seamed,
dry-bodied floor walked upon by mistreated, under-cared corpses
forced to live day by day waiting for you to come out and give them
the hope and desire to do it all over again like there's purpose for one
more day just to see your bright darkness that could blind
man of whom cannot see.
May you rest upon the moon's sharp blazing rays guiding
the fearful to safety, where they belong.
Let the world see the stars that cover your body worldwide making
each wish more likely to be than not to be, giving the so called
warmth that wraps around those that wish to be warmed by the
arms of their lover. Feel the breath of those who have
had their fair share of bad days
when comes the time to wait with you again until the next
mourning as if their job was the caregiver of death. Give the
sky's the limit more of a meaning by watching over those with
wings soaring through you as free as can be whether it be angels up
above or birds down low. Let each and every minute of your
time be filled with the glorious stories of love as one thinks of you
nothing but friend or diary sharing only with you what nobody
knows. You are night, and night shall you be.

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