Hopes, Dreams, Desires, and Goals for my Life

I could share with you all of my hopes and dreams and desires for my life
But; you know that would be a little too easy
So, I am not going to do that; totally
Maybe a few hints here and there...as a tease so to speak

Some of you know; that I have a passion and desire for writing poetry 
For which I love to do a great deal
A dream and goal of mine is to publish a book of poetry 
And; in recent months, that has become VERY therapeutic for me through a rough patch that I have gone through in my life

And, I do dream to have a Poetry Book published in the near future; God willing (And, He knows when that will happen)
I dream to get married some day; and, that is all in God's timing
I am not going to say "if" it will happen; I will say "when" that will happen
Because, I know with God, that it WILL happen for me in my life with that right person

I have hopes and goals for my life for independence and identity to establish who I am as a person, an individual, and as a Child/Daughter of God
I am not going to spell out each specific thing as I want to keep some of these things private to myself for the time being or totally private
I feel sharing my poetry helps me in my journey and I hope that it can help others with their own journeys and seasons in their lives
God is amazing and I know that He has amazing things in store for me in my life and for my own personal journey

May God's journey for each of you be an Amazing, Roller-Coaster Ride, and a journey filled with a lot of Peace, Happiness, Joy, and Love!!!

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