Hope\'s Horizon


From the deepest dark depths - I took a breath
Not certain where to go - right or left
But deep within my soul - my will took grip
Said just go straight - so I took THAT trip

And straight away - I found I could
Take one step at a time - and it was good
Each moment wrought with aches and pain
Til there was no more - and to my gain

A moment won can add to two
And three and four - I'm getting through
My life's not over - as I had thunk
Not getting high - or even drunk

If I can do this in my heart
Then this can be a brand new start
A life anew - and future bright
Is mine to have - and worth the fight

No more excuses or putting off
Though many will see and possibly scoff
I will succeed and they will see
That this time I'm a brand new me

And day by day I'll learn to deal
With all the emotions that I will I feel
Easier then each day will get
And loved ones need no more to fret

Cause I am here and doing great
No taking chances or tempting fate
My faith is strong and will get me through
Thank God for His mercy - thank God for you.

By Tracey Travis Lee
and right from heaven

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