Horse and Bull

By E-diggs   

We can live in this pasture forever
Said the horse unto the bull
In each others company
So rich and flavorful

Widdling the grass down
They spent so many days
Horse and bull alike
Learning each others ways

The sun shine beat down
For three thousand days
They found all of the fences
Downward was their gaze

One day they both looked up
And took alook around
Across the fence and over yonder
There was wonders to be found

The world was suddenly bigger
Other horses ran around
Cows out in the fields beyond
A new yet simple sound

The horse and bull stopped
And looked into each others eyes
The pain of what was happening
Both began to cry

They moved into seperate corners
Started testing all the gates
Roaming on different paths
Thinking about they're fates

The pasture was so small now
They knew it back and forth
The paths were beatin down
Every day was the same course

One day a tragedy struck
And nothing was the same
The horse and bull realized
They had become quite tame

They imagined their adventures
Cross the fence to open fields
But the pain of being apart
Was a hurt thats truely real

But at some point circumstances
Of a horse or of a bull
To jump or break their fences
Seemed inevitable

Eastward the bull charged through
To the west the horse jumped high
Running to where they needed
Giving new life a try

In they're hearts they felt it
With there own kind felt alone
Both of them in pain
Knew that pasture was they're home

The horse pulled out fence posts
The bull broke all the wire
To bring they're lives together
Both working till they tired

But the herds never moved
The horses still ran around
Horse and bull looked at each other
Knew the common ground

The bond would last forever
When the time was right
They could always find each other
In the pasture, in the light.

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