Hotel Home

Enter this bed,
to temporarily forget.
No need for words ...
Just show me where it hurts.
Under covers, be my lover.
For the time being ...
Let's fuel each other.

Reveal to me, the scars to your skin.
Whisper the words that you've held in.
Boy, your eyes are trembling ...
But let us begin this healing.

All the drugs.
All the broken love.
Let's forget it for awhile ...
Let's get rough.

Because if we move to slow, we'll fall apart.
If we take our time, we may never be brave enough to start.
We both may cave if under question.
Just come in ...
And tend to my suggestion.

You've been on my brain for days,
but I'm no longer afraid ...
Show me if you feel the same.

And its OK if you can't speak.
I sense a seduction surfacing.
The door's unlocked.
I've got not a fear tonight.
Because I'm so sick of living like this ...
Hunny, come and get it.

Don't leave me hanging here.
Boy, there are scarier things.
Just swallow your tears
and give me your everything.

Show me where it hurts.
Show me where it stings.
Let me in.
Watch as the passion kicks in.

A hotel could be our home.
Under the floorboards,
let's bury the bones.
They've always got the ugliest wallpaper ...
Let's tear it up, replace it later.

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