Hour 120

Hour 15 passes by
Stomach grumbles
Mind battles
Must stay strong

Hour 24

Hour 36
the euphoria welcomes you
Things are a little lighter
You are a little lighter
It’s like walking on clouds

Hours pass by
No one knows
How empowering that is

Hour 56
your skin and bones rattle
Your mind and body battle
Your mind conquers another hour

Hour 72
Focus on your goal
Don’t give in
Tumblr is now your new best friend

Hour 102
The euphoria comes back to stay
Fuel your new addiction
Say no to all who offer
Exercise till you stumble
Must be skin and bones

Hour 110
Say no to friends
Stay home to avoid food
Count every bite
Taste the aftertaste
Fall in love with the pain

Hour 120
This is your new life
You allowed it to consume you
Your mind, body, and soul
It is no longer yours
You are a slave to Ana

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This Poems Story

This is my story of how my eating disorder developed. Side note: the nickname for anorexia is Ana