Hey, hey you did you find what you were looking for
How are you feeling today even though?
Someone already asked you and you shrug and walked away
Are you ready to fight this demon today?
Or wash it down with alcohol to take the pain away
While revving up your car to kamikaze
Those eyes don’t look the same
Did you pop pills to get to a higher place?
Overdosing on the thought of beating a struggle
Gasping for air while the thing around your neck
Squeezes tighter as you take the dive
But you continue to go into the deepest part
You can’t come up for air and all you see is lights
Even when you think your good you aren’t
This disease you pleaded to disappear
Has you at any moment ready to lose control
So, are you going to run away?
Even though it already beat you to the finish line everyday
Did you think this was going to go away?
Because you smoked some weed or masturbate
I know playing Russian roulette
will probably make your day
I hope you find what you are
Looking for before its too late

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