Progressively the time has passed, decisions have been made;
Sand trickles through my hourglass as prices being paid.
No one knows; they never will, the thoughts within my mind:
My life is in fast forward with no button for rewind.
Again the beast has tempted with honey from her breast,
An hour to my minute glass, as heartbeats leave my chest.
A watch without a second hand, time slowly slips away.
Arms stretched until they reach apex, to Yahweh I will pray.
I search for lady destiny with faith that we will meet;
While trapped within the ocean deep with shoes made of concrete.
I close my eyes and slowly sink into the black abyss;
It seems I cannot free myself no matter how I twist.
I pacify with alcohol, perscription for the pain;
But putting pen to paper is my natural Novocaine.
With one wrong choice at perfect time I've caused myself delay;
I'm just a broken hourglass whose time has slipped away.

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