Awaken and shaken in thought and time
I’m scared and ill prepared to lose what’s mine
Twitching and stitching my eyelids wide
Daring and preparing to have my eyes dried

I sunder while under the sands of time
Breaking and taking what cannot be mine
The space here and place here is overly wide
But my body is shoddy, while in the sand it dried

Everything hunted and wanted is gone in time
Nothing I love, or anything above, will ever be mine
This prison is driven to be infinitely wide
Because all born here, alone here, eventually died

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This Poems Story

Time is a prison. There’s so much of it, but each person only gets a limited amount. Everyone tries so hard in life to show off all these objects they’ve acquired, but is it really worth acquiring all of those items that don’t hold any value to you specifically? Everything you have during your life will eventually be gone, including yourself. Make the most of it before the hourglass runs out.