Hourglass Out Of Sand

He was fishing her in the blue hole,
Finding her he lost himself whole.

He was left all alone in the sands of time,
No one to aid, no one to help, not worth a dime.

Alas!! so hard he fell,
But found her like a beautiful pearl inside shell.

Flower in hand, gathering courage, he was ready to pace,
Her voice sweet as honey spoke bitter as neem, out of rage that her heart had no space.

She was apple of his eye,
But it was time to say goodbye.

He lost his life with a knife
when she refused to be his wife.

As her name as his last words,
Song of grief was sung by birds...

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This Poems Story

My poem tells about a boy who falls in love with a girl whom he thought as his world . Well we don't always get what we wish for, so didn't he. He loved her to the core that made him kill himself than accepting the truth that she wouldn't be his wife whom he thought as his life.