Hourglasses Don’t Last

One day you told me,
"It's like watching a flower bloom, then watching it frost over.
I can't explain. There's a side of me that not many people see."
I told you not to let those feelings overcome you.
You are a stem growing into a flower, breathless,
you have leaves but not in all places.
Love, you wish to be thorn-less
but you can't be because you have thorns
in the places you don't let people touch,
you are painfully beautiful.

One day you told me,
I'm filling in the cracks but I'm breaking you even more.
Why can't you see, my love is unconditional?
When my heart is beating fast, yours is beating still.
Should I leave or should I stay and fall more
in love with the cracks I have to fill?
Holding in my hands the heart I can't
keep from breaking, yours.
12 hours till, and the hourglass stays standing still.

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