When millions were under depression
You give them a place to rest
Your different rooms became shelter to repatriated slaves
Your kitchen doors are open to those that put you in caves
In daylight, you are mocked
At night, you are exploited
From your windows
They take Glasses to see their faces
From your garage
They take Irons and make them moving objects
From the roof covering your head
They take timbers to enrich themselves

A house full of diverse backgrounds
A house full of different cultures
A house full of different languages and tribes
A house painted like rainbow
A house that floats on the Nile River of Love
but never sinks
A house that falls on the Wologisi Mountain with its roof
but never leaks

From your livingroom
The beautiful light shines bright in every corner of the house
The women from the North said : "laqad barak Allah 'afriqia" (??? ???? ???? ???????)
The Children fom the South shouted: "UNkulunkulu uthanda amakhadi ase-Afrika"
The elders of the East rise and said: "Oh Afrika! Baraka nzuri kutoka kwa Mungu"
The men from the West beat their drums and sang a song; " A nif? Afrika, ile didùn fun gbogbo aw?n aw?"

Your walls were built over two hundred thousand years ago
Your interior and exterior beauty never looks old
The sweat from those that brought liberation to your house
Keeps your soil fertile
The giggling sounds of the chains that were forced on the hands of your inhabitants ancestors
Is the bell that awakens them to a day of Redemption

Oh Africa
Oh Sweet Africa
Oh house of Africa
Your people are govern by your bravery
From the tropical rain forest to the peak of Kilimanjaro
The birds sings to your glory
From the oasis in the Sahara
to the fountains of Victoria Falls and Zambezi River
The rooms in your house drinks to celebrate your wonders
Oh House of Africa may you forever glow in your beauty

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It's a poem deeply rooted and dedicated to Africa