House of Cards

House of Cards

Trapped into my lonely tomb,
Breaking hearts and spelling doom,
Seeing fate,
Spinning in my loom,
All inside my decrepit tomb,

Seeing all the flowers bloom,
The far seen light of fires plume,
Taking chances,
Feeling death,
Long Found guilt of forgotten bets,

Trapped inside my lonely tomb,
Slipping from my life of soon,
Thinking from the thoughts of whom,
Slinking from the life of glume,
Living in my Lonely tomb,

Being yours and having you,
Seeing in the palace of new,
But your just leading my brain askew,
Breaking down the walls of true,
No one's here but so are you.

Going through my life of hard,
Living on my dying yard,
Seeing yours and standing guard,
Questioning the secret bard,
And now my glass is all in shards,
Breaking down your house of cards.

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