How Alike We Are

Each day he enters the forest that nestles behind his home
Each day he stalks the creatures, wherever they choose to roam
Each day he encounters a fork
a decision, left or right?
and so he chooses the path that defies the morning light
Thick and thin, thimble and bush till he loses the path he came from
Only then does he plant the seed
only then does he create his kingdom
With a gentle practiced hand, he breathes life into wood
He loves his creations too much; more than god ever could
Bark to Beetles and Sticks to Snakes they crawl across the floor
"Come one! Come all!" he shouts with a laugh
"There's always room for more"
The leaves fall from their homes to dance on their dying day
They sing the chorus and strum the songs that only he knows can play
With troves of his loving children marching at his side
he explores the dazzling forest
and all it seeks to hide
But through the time they spent together night and day did blend
and the moon that shined above showed that all things come to an end
with a teary sob and one last hug he said his greatest goodbye
and left his children to rule the kingdom
he left them there to die

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