How Are You?

“How are you?” is a question not often honestly replied
A prick is in your heart, tears held up in your eyes
Your “I’m okay or I’m fine” may mean,
“I’m walking but bleeding inside.”
Afraid that you might,
Paint gloom and get them terrified
You discard that in your life
Your hurts are still very much alive

You cannot lament before them
As you don’t want to be seen broken again
Why can’t you go past grieving?
Your brethren may not understand
You shut yourself off from old friends
You want to go as far away as you can
To your safe place, sanctuary, your haven
Not a box nor a cold room, but warmth of heaven

You seek that place or presence where
You can release your sadness, let go off madness
Be bound up in the loving-kindness of His Highness
Make your requests, seek redress to your grievances
In that inner court, passing the crowd into His space
Where you can sit still until you’re healed by His grace

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